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In order to prevent the negative effects of possible work absences, you can take action with targeted early detection and systematic action according to the RAA method before burdens lead to your employees’ incapacitation. The modular, practice-oriented training (basic and expert) enables you to counteract work absences early and professionally in just a few steps.

What is the aim of the seminar?

Based on provided case studies, specific procedures and scenarios are developed which can be applied within the company according to the RAA methodology. Aspects of labour law are included in possible scenarios.
You will learn to apply the findings from the basic seminar on the basis of your own case study. Using the RAA methodology, you will develop communication measures for your case study and identify your operational and personal limits. In addition, individual goals and measures are developed that you can apply in your company. Aspects of labour law are included in possible scenarios.

What are the benefits of the seminar?

  • Promoting a healthy working environment
  • Identification of own areas of action and possible solutions to prevent short-term absences
  • Recognise and analyse changes in stressed employees and act accordingly
  • Targeted use of own and company resources
  • Minimize recurring short-term absences and longer health-induced ones
  • Avoiding costs due to incapacities

What is the content of the seminar?


  • What signs of change can be observed in employees?
  • How do you deal with an observed change? Which options do you have to approach the employee?
  • Which applications are required to save premiums?
  • What support can you offer him?
  • What are your operational and personal limits?


  • What signs of change were observed among employees (in the sense of critical reflection)?
  • How do you deal with an observed change in a colleague?
  • Which strategies are there to approach an employee?
  • What support can you offer the colleague?
  • What are the operational and personal limits?
  • Which possible scenarios can be implemented in the company in dealing with stressed employees?
  • Which style of communication do you cultivate with strained employees?
  • How do you implement the developed strategies in your day-to-day work?

What is the seminar’s target group?

  • Managing directors
  • HR officers
  • Superiors


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