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Aggression and violence are multi-faceted, are perceived individually and thus subjectively assessed. Own and foreign communication spheres as well as personal experiences play a central role in the perception, which complicates a generally applicable definition in everyday life.

In this seminar you will learn about the history of aggression and the development of the relevant models and theories. In interaction with the psychic and physical aspects you will apply de-escalative intervention possibilities.

What is the aim of the seminar?

You will learn about the origins of aggression and violence, limits of what is permitted and types of aggression and their occurrence and can bring about de-escalation with communicative options in practice.

What is the content of the seminar?

  • Psycho-education (origin, forms, effects) of aggression and violence
  • Self-reflection on experiences of aggression and violence
  • Forms of communication: verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal
  • Physical and psychological security
  • De-escalative interventions
  • Aftercare in the event of aggression and violence

What is the seminar’s target group?

  • Managing directors
  • HR officers
  • Superiors
  • Employees
  • Private individuals


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1 day, from 8:45 – 17:00

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Aggression management

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