The ABC of social insurance

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The insurance landscape, its interfaces and the coordination of support for employees unable to work present a major challenge and require specialist knowledge.

This seminar identifies the most important parties in the workplace integration process and the support options they offer.

What is the aim of the seminar?

Participants will learn about the Swiss insurance landscape as it relates to employees who are unable to work. They will get to know the timelines for involving insurance providers in the reintegration process at the existing workplace.

This enables the relevant supporting parties (managers/HR/employers/doctors/psychiatrists) to access the necessary assistance.

What are the benefits of the seminar?

Familiarity with the relevant interfaces across the Swiss insurance landscape as they relate to sick employees helps to reduce the administrative workload. The resulting resources can then be invested in planning the reintegration of the sick employee.

Knowledge of the support available from the insurance providers involved may also provide financial incentives that can simplify the effective and sustainable reintegration of employees after an illness.

What is the content of the seminar?

  • Which insurance policies to involve in the case of damages
  • Which deadlines need to be met in reporting the incident to the insurer?
  • What kind of support can be expected/demanded of individual insurance policies
  • What are the possible stumbling blocks to consider in the interface process
  • What support can aviga offer

What is the seminar’s target group?

  • Managing directors
  • HR officers
  • Superiors
  • General practitioners
  • Psychiatrist


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ABC of social insurance

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