Health management for private persons

  • Is your illness burdening you increasingly and causing difficulties at the workplace?
  • Are you looking for medical or social support and feel left alone?
  • Are you unsure who will pay for which services and costs in your case?

In these situations, we can support you with individual coaching and find solutions together. We offer the following modules:

Health coaching

Do you feel burdened by problems in the areas of health, work, finance, insurance or private life?

With our health coaching we look after you in this currently difficult situation. At a meeting on site, we work out goals and measures with you to tackle the current problems. Upon request, you will also receive further support during the implementation.

What’s the purpose of health coaching?

  • Clarifying the health situation
  • Development of goals and measures
  • Accompaniment in employer meetings on request
  • Ensuring the flow of information

Job coaching

Are you planning your return to work after a longer absence due to illness or an accident?

After a long absence from work, it can be difficult to return to a job. Through job coaching we support you with lasting accompaniment and care in difficult situations. In addition, the Job Coach coordinates the service providers and cost-bearers involved. In addition to medical conditions, factors relevant to insurances, the personal environment and the financial and budget situation are also considered throughout a coaching.

Why Job coaching?

  • Personal support and relief
  • Expert advice
  • Step-by-step planning of re-entry
  • Coordination of the work integration with doctors and therapists
  • If requested, coordination with employer


You would like to reorient yourself professionally or plan your early retirement?

Outplacement supports you with independent, systematic advice for your professional career and is suitable for anyone planning to hand in their notice, who has already been terminated or is about to retire early.

Why Outplacement?

  • Professional consultation and support
  • Support in the termination process and reorientation
  • Gradual planning of re-entry
  • Improving application skills
  • Increasing the chances for success on the job market

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