Health management

Early professional intervention not only improves the quality of life of those affected, but also helps strengthen their health in order to maintain their ability to work or reintegrate them into working life as soon as possible. For employers and insurance companies this minimizes the consequential costs of absenteeism.

aviga ensures the coordination and the flow of information between the participants with the aim of a timely and cost-efficient reintegration of the persons concerned and thus relieves all participants. Our health management includes:


Promoting health

The risk of long-term work absences and chronification is reduced by targeted prevention at the workplace and early detection of stressed employees:


Accompany absences

Early support of partially or completely incapacitated employees increases the likelihood of a successful return to work:


Supporting integration

Target-oriented planning of the entire reintegration process, taking into account the mental and physical health of the persons concerned lastingly supports their re-entry into working life: