General Terms and Conditions Seminars

1. Areas of application

These terms apply to all offers provided by the Aviga AG, in all facilities. You will become participants and the employees to be sup-ported, hence these become an integral contract part of all registrations.

2. Registration

Registration for our seminars are made online via a seminar booking system or the registration form at in writing. By signing the registration or by means of the online booking, the participant recog-nised the General Terms and Conditions. Verbal registrations cannot be accepted under any circumstance. Provisional regis-trations or reserved places are not possible. The number of participants per course is limited; aviga determines the minimum and maximum number of participants. Registra-tions are considered in the order they are received.
Registrations are confirmed by email and considered in the order they are received.
The registration is valid for the entire semi-nar length.
The registered participants agree that their registration data may be stored electronical-ly and processed for internal reasons and official statistics and may be used for adver-tisement purposes. Our advertisement may be unsubscribed from at any time either verbally or in writing.

3. Execution

The execution of a seminar is confirmed in writing by email.
A seminar may be cancelled in exceptional cases. You will be notified in due time in any case and any fees already paid for seminars will be refunded in full. Should you cancel, there is no entitlement to a refund.

4. Deregistration and cancellation

Cancellations before the start of the seminar have to be communicated to the aviga ad-ministration in writing. The following calcula-tion applies:
< 40 days prior to course start 25% of the fees < 30 days prior to course start 50% of the fees < 14 days prior to course start 100% of the fees For deregistrations that are received by us up to the 40th weekday before the seminar start, we charge a processing fee of 10% of the fee owed, yet at least CHF 50.00. We are happy to accept a replacement partici-pant at no additional cost. Cancellations after the seminar start are not possible. The costs for the entire training offer are not refunded in that case. Non-payment of the costs for the training offer is not accepted as a cancellation. In the event of a cancellation for important reasons, special rules may apply.

5. Confirmation

At the end of an educational offer aviga is-sues a seminar confirmation. This precondi-tions full attendance.

6. Cancelled seminars

Seminars that do not take place will always be made up later if the reason for the can-cellation was caused by aviga or your hired persons. Reimbursement for the travel costs and other costs that may arise due to the follow-up date are waived.
Seminars that participants miss cannot be repeated later. No costs will be refunded for missed seminars.
We reserve the right to make minor adjust-ments to the schedule, seminar content or the teaching team of the various courses.

7. Seminar venues

Classes take place in an external venue. In exceptional case, a different venue/ seminar site may have to be used at short notice. In that case, you will be notified of the change in due time. aviga is not liable for external seminar rooms.

8. Costs and payment deadlines

The seminar becomes payable upon com-pleting the online booking. Should you book via the registration form, you will receive an invoice for the booked seminar offer. The invoice must be settled promptly once re-ceived (yet at least 14 days before the start of the seminar).
Please use the official payment transaction slip to settle the costs for the seminar and possible further fees. The costs for the sem-inar offer are generally due prior to the start, yet at the latest before a specified payment deadline.
A payment deadline of 30 days applies.

9. Discounts

For companies who register several em-ployees (min. 2 participants) for the seminar, we offer a discount of 10% on the total costs for the chosen seminar offer.

10. Teaching materials

Teaching materials are usually not included in the cost of the seminars. They are to be paid separately without an additional notice. The approximate costs are shown on the respective course announcement.

11. Price adjustment

We reserve the right to adjust prices in the current offers for important reasons.

12. Liability

The Aviga AG and the assigned person are not liable for damages that may be caused by the organised seminars and other events. Gross negligence and wilful intent remain excluded from this. Insurances are the prerogative of the participants.

13. Data protection

Images taken or created in the context of the seminar may be used by aviga for ad-vertisement purposes and may be published without the prior consent of the participants on the website and on social media. The participant may demand the removal of any images from the website and social media networks at any time.

14. Final provisions

Swiss law applies. The court of jurisdiction is Zurich

Zurich, 05 March 2018