General Terms and Conditions Coachings

1. Areas of application

These terms apply to all offers provided by the Aviga AG, in all facilities and are an inte-gral contract component of all registrations.

2. Registration

Registrations for our Coaching are made online via a course booking system or the registration form at in writing. By signing the registration or by means of the online booking, the coached participant rec-ognises the General Terms and Conditions. Verbal registrations cannot be accepted. Pro-visional registrations are not possible.
The registered participants agree that their registration data may be stored electronically and processed for internal reasons and offi-cial statistics and may be used for advertise-ment purposes. Our advertisement may be unsubscribed from at any time either verbally or in writing.

3. Execution

The execution of a Coaching is confirmed in writing by email.
A Coaching may be cancelled in exceptional cases. You will be notified in due time in any case and any fees already paid will be re-funded in full.

4. Deregistration and cancellation

In the event of a cancellation on your part, there is no entitlement to a refund.
For deregistrations that are received 20 days prior to the start of the Coaching, we will charge a processing fee in the amount of 10% of the payable amount, yet at least CHF 50.00.
Cancellations after the arranged Coaching with an agreed-upon Coaching duration are not possible. The costs for the entire Coach-ing are not refunded in that case.
In the event of a cancellation for important reasons, special rules may apply.

5. Cancelled Coaching session

Coaching sessions that do not take place will always be made up later if the reason for the cancellation was caused by aviga or your hired persons. Reimbursement for the travel costs and other costs that may arise due to the follow-up date are waived.
Coaching sessions that registered partici-pants miss cannot be repeated later. No costs will be refunded for missed Coaching sessions.