Our employees design tailor-made solutions on a case-by-case basis and have great expertise and proven professional experience in various areas such as health management, general medicine, psychiatry, professional integration and private and social insurance.

We not only support our own CCM, but also the further development of our colleagues. At our workplace, we foster a culture of transparency and promote personal responsibility and co-determination.

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Alexandra Agorastos

Administration Zurich

Cindy Bardowicks

Consultant Zurich

Barbara Brandes

Consultant Zurich

Julia Dvanajscak

Consultant Zurich

Andrea Flury

Consultant Bern, Zurich

Arno Frigg

Administration Zurich

Dino Lauber

Managing director

Senta Meier

Consultant Zurich

Sarah Mullen

Consultant Zurich

Stefanie Nager

Consultant Zurich

Curdin Seeli

Communications and texts Zurich

Ines Speck

Head of administration Zurich

Samuel Zumbühl

Consultant Bern