Our mission statement

As Aviga AG, we are a legally independent and neutral company and have established ourselves in the health, care and case management market.

We are committed to our partners, customers, clients and employees over the long term. We are perceived by our customers and clients as a trustworthy partner and act in their best interest. We are open-minded and curious, authentic and serious – in everything we do.

We treat each other with mutual respect.

Our workplaces are characterised by health-promoting conditions and a modern working environment.

We are equally familiar with our skills as with the market’s opportunities and risks. We believe in our strategy. We provide our services based on concrete customer needs; we work with great passion.

Each and every one of us acts with a business-minded approach, i.e. with high expertise, personal commitment and integrity for the benefit of our customers, clients and partners.

“We ensure employee performance and a competitive advantage for customers.” – aviga.