Health pays off.

We ensure employee performance
and a competitive advantage for customers.

Health management

Our goal is to strengthen the health of those affected in order to maintain their ability to work or to accompany them on their way back to work. aviga coordinates the involved and potential service providers and mediates between the parties, depending on the case. Our health management includes:


Promoting health

Companies and private individuals benefit from our health-promoting modules, which we implement preventively in the company with individual measures.


Accompanying absences

In the case of absences from work, we accompany the persons concerned in order to avoid prolonged absences and, ideally, plan their return to work.


Supporting integration

Together with you, we design the entire reintegration process and support you with our specialist expertise in shaping work, taking into account the mental and physical health of the employees.

Our mode of operation

  • Sustainable integration

    Our team works together with all persons and positions involved to integrate employees back at the workplace who were incapacitated in the short or long term as quickly as possible yet in a lasting manner.

  • Optimal planning and information flow

    aviga coordinates service providers and cost-bearers. That reduces the organizational effort, facilitates the planning of resources and capacities and secures the flow of information.

  • Years of experience

    Our employees have broad expertise and many years of professional experience in various areas such as health management, general medicine, psychiatry, professional integration and private and social insurance.


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